Wednesday, October 16, 2013

June's First Pumpkin Patch Adventure

We are so thankful that it is finally cooling off here in Texas... Even if that means we are getting bookoos of rain. A couple of weeks ago, June and I went with her Grammy, Aunt Brittany, Uncle James and Cousin Jamie to The Arboretum. They have the BEST pumpkin patch around. I really wanted to do a ton of photos of June there, but she wasn't feeling it at all. I got what I could and Grammy took some too. (Thanks, Grammy!) June decided that she wanted to sleep most of the time we were there. Next year, she will be more into it. Here are some of my favorite shots.

IMG_5839IMG_5878IMG_5875IMG_5874IMG_5866IMG_5859IMG_5858IMG_5857It's here. Finally. Thank goodness. #fallintexas

We can't wait for Halloween!

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