Tuesday, August 6, 2013

june avery's birth story

towards the end of my pregnancy, i got sick of my weekly posts... so i stopped them. well, june avery was born on july 24th, at 2:24pm. she weighed 6lbs. 4 oz. and was 20.25 inches long. here is her birth story...

around 5:00am on wednesday july 24th, i got up to go potty for the 100th time that night. when i laid back down, i had a contraction. figured it was just another braxton hicks, as i had been having them off and on for several weeks. not too long after, i felt another one, this one a bit stronger. i decided to get my contraction timer out on my phone and time them for a while before i woke up david.  well, they got stronger and stronger and were pretty consistent. i woke up david and told him that i may be in labor. i took a shower. i called my mom. i called samantha. once the contractions were 5 minutes apart, i called my doctor's office answering service. my doctor happened to be out of town, and i told her i would probably end up going into labor before she returned. the on-call doctor called me back and told me to call her back once my contractions were 5 minutes apart for 2 hours. ugh. ok. i went and sat back down on the couch and tried to relax. haha. the contractions almost immediately got closer together. i panicked. i texted samantha. i told her i thought i should go ahead and go to the hospital, because i am not good with pain and had already decided i would get an epidural. i didn't want to get too far into the labor and not be able to get one. she agreed. david loaded up the car and we headed to the hospital. we had no idea where to go once we were parked. haha.... we made it to the maternity area and were ushered to the correct place. after filling out some paperwork while suffering through some pretty intense contractions, we were taken to triage. i was checked and told that i was dialated to a 3... i was afraid that they were going to turn us away.. we were there for about an hour while they started me on an iv drip and i was told that i was being admitted. david texted our family and friends to let them know that we were going to be having a baby soon! i walked to my labor and delivery room, which was across the hall. they settled me in and told me that i had to get through the rest of my bag of fluids before they started the epidural. i met my nurse, susie, who was amazing. i loved her right away. once the iv drip was done, they brought in the epidural and got me started on the glorious pain meds. i quickly dilated to a 5. the epi also calmed june down, as her heart rate would rise with each contraction. sam showed up and not too long after that, my mom, dad and brother. they moved me into weird positions trying to help june move further down. my nurse came in and told me that another girl was in labor and they were trying to move her into her room but that she wanted to stay with me. she said she hoped that i had progressed. so she checked me again.. and i was at a 10! she called in my doctor (the one that i had just met on monday) and my doctor came in and told me that i would have to push her out quickly... her heart rate wasn't where it was supposed to be. they had forceps out. they told me to get ready and to start pushing. i pushed her out (with the help of forceps) in 15 minutes. they put her in my hands. she was a slippery little thing. i didn't know how much room i had to pull her up to me. they took her from me, but she was already crying. they cleaned her up and gave her some oxygen and daddy put on her first diaper (backwards). daddy brought her over to me and i got a better look at her.  all of the sudden, there were three of us. we had our skin to skin time. she nursed for the first time while i got sewn up. after i was all fixed up, my family came in to meet june bug. after everyone got to hold her, they wheeled us to our recovery room. we didn't get much rest that first night, because they kept coming in checking our vitals... the second night, we got adequate rest... we were scheduled to go home on friday. we had her newborn photos taken, which i am not happy with, but i won't go into that. we took her home. and she was finally ours. we love her so much and been enjoying having her here with us. we love being parents. muttley enjoys being a big brother. we are one big happy family.

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