Friday, May 24, 2013

Things You Think About While Pregnant Part Dos

  • is this baby really kicking my ribs?
  • is she doing cartwheels in there?
  • how many more weeks do i have?
  • why do the fruit/veggie comparisons go from one big thing, to a small thing and back to a big thing?
  • does the place i am going have an easy to access bathroom?
  • don't fall up the stairs
  • don't fall down the stairs either...
  • i can do this, i did it before...just because i am pregnant, doesn't mean i am helpless
  • maybe i should take it easy
  • do i really need this on my registry?
  • is my ass getting bigger?
  • how much more can i gain?
  • how many times did i wake up to pee last night?
  • they want me to do what?
  • why do some people think you can do anything while you are pregnant, but others think you are completely helpless? i just need a nice middle ground
  • what my water breaks at work? i will be so mortified. 
  • i hope my doctor is back from vacation before i deliver....
  • who will my baby look like? those sono pictures weren't very convincing... 
  • who will she be more like? 
  • i can't wait to have a beer
  • and to skate
  • how big will she be? 
  • i wish coco butter came in different scents... it probably does, but i'm lazy
  • what the hell am i going to wear swimming? i refuse to buy a maternity swim suit... looks like i'll be rockin' a bikini with boy shorts and a tank top!
  • does it feel weird to swim preggo?
  • i wish i had a way to look in to see what she was doing from time to time...  seems like some fancy moves in there...
  • i am so impatient. how can i do this for another 1.5 months??
  • why do certain songs about little girls make me bawl like a baby??
  • will we be good parents?
  • how will i go back to work? how will i be able to leave her?
  • will muttley be nice to her? i hope they are besties. 
  • what if i go into labor and dave is at work and can't get the hospital before i have her?
  • what if we forget to take pictures?
  • how do i love someone so much that i have never met?
  • i hope she likes me...
  • what if we don't have everything she needs?
  • what if she turns back around and is breech? 
  • what if i can't breast feed?
  • what if, what if, what ifffff!?
my mind keeps me up at night sometimes. i am full of worry and i try to get it out by writing these blogs... i really don't want my baby girl to be a worry wort like her mama. and grandma... 
i hope she is a strong, independent (but still needs her mama) kind of girl. i want her to know that she can come to me and her daddy if she needs us, but to have a sense of confidence to make her own decisions and mistakes as well. i have high hopes for this little lady. i can't wait to be her mama.  you can read my first rant here...

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