Tuesday, November 6, 2012

no matter who you vote for, VOTE!


your vote is your voice. if you don't exercise your right as an american to vote, then you can complain. i have only been able to vote in three elections, but each time i do, i feel very fortunate to have that right. i can pick whomever i want. it's my vote. i get to pick a person who i feel will work for me. i don't even have to tell you who i vote for. it's private. 

every.vote.counts. you need to vote. make your voice heard. maybe one day, we will have 3 names on a ballot! (hi, libs!) vote because people fought for your right to vote. keep the past alive and vote for the future. 

vote for your body... need i say more about that? 

vote for your safety. leaders have different opinions on things like gun control and foreign policies. 

vote to keep your money, or to spend it, whichever you prefer. remember, there are things on the ballot that have nothing to do with who is going to be living in the white house.... things like street repair proposals  and voting to give money for new parks etc. things that matter in your community that your tax dollars will pay for. 

vote for the people that can't, like your kids. things you vote for now can/will impact their future. just keep that in mind.  

lastly, know what your candidate supports and doesn't support. check your facts. if you don't vote, you can't complain... it's your job to vote. we need your vote for a decision to be made. 

Here are some great facts that were checked as factcheck.org calls it "Whoppers of 2012, The Final Edition"


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