Friday, October 5, 2012

life lately...

man, it's really been a while since i have attempted a blog post. as usual, life gets in the way... i wish i could scrapbook every second of my life. well, the good parts at least. i know, i am a dork. whatevs. let's see, what has been goin' down? this update would be much better if accompanied by photos... they can do most of the talking. (and help me remember whats been going on... hahaa)

we attended the black and blue awards for derby. it was my second year to attend. last year, i took home the eye of the tiger award. well, this year, i took home THREE awards. i was voted MOST RUTHLESS ON THE TRACK by fans, i was voted BEST BLOCKER by my league-mates, and i got MOST IMPROVED on my team. i was shocked and honored by all the awards. it just makes me want to be an even better player. its crazy to think i have only been skating for a year and a half. i have met so many great people and learned so much. i can't imagine my life without roller derby. wow. btw, black and blue is like the grammys or oscars of derby, so we actually dress up. its fun.

it's all in the details....
the next day, i was scheduled with a few of my teammates to be in a page in next year's calendar. i was super stoked. i got my hair done by a lovely lady who donated her time from aveda, and i did my own makeup with a little help on the false lashes. here are a few sneak peeks...

then i found out i was on the bout poster for our bout against magnolia roller girls. i was pretty stoked....
i also participated in freedom day for the third year in a row at work. it's a lot of fun and i think we made a difference at the school we volunteered at...

we also kick-started oktoberfest by celebrating brandon's birthday on the 13th..
IMG_2709IMG_2712       IMG_2714
got my new jersey for dlss :)
this guy has been more cuddly lately...

hopefully, i will have another blog up soon. i have a few things i have been meaning to share, with just no time to do it. 

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