Monday, October 29, 2012

ghosts of halloween pasts....

i love halloween. it's probably my favorite holiday. i love dressing as someone else for the night and partying with my friends. i can't wait to have a kiddo that i can dress up! some years, i buy my costume, others, i make, or buy stuff from thrift stores. honestly, those are the costumes that are the most fun.

Halloween 2005--i was a punk rocker. this was a last minute costume and the first time i started to dress up again when i was an adult. 
2006--this year brought new friends, whom we met at the haunted house through another friend. it was a blast... sam and i went to the thrift store to get our costumes. she found a flapper dress and i found some weird 80s dress, so i decided to be a payboy bunny from the 80s. brandon was a rastafarian, matt was a punkrocker and we really had a great time... 

halloween 2007-i was a beergirl and sam was preggo. she was mustard, brandon was ketchup. he kept rubbing up against her and saying "we are making secret sauce!". ashley was dorothy from the wizard of oz. she kept telling me to 'beer her', so i did. we always have so much fun together! 

haloween 2008-my first with dave. we went to screams,  started our pumpkin carving tradition and dressed up for a party. we had a blast. dave was james bond and i was little red riding hood. sam was alice in wonderland and ashley was a school girl. i think brandon was supposed to be cesar... this was also morgan's first halloween. she was a penguin. so cute. 
dave, me and the gargoylemy goofy pumpkin=)happyhday

Halloween 2009- we were encouraged to dress up for work, so i decided that i would be a zombie at work and i would wear my real costume to the party i was going to. i was a pirate, dave was a tennis player. we went to a zombie party and it was a lot of fun. ashley was a solider, sam was an 80s girl and brandon was a zombie. 
halloween collage

Halloween 2010- we hung with dave's friends this year at tradewinds in OC. i decided to make my costume and went as alice from resident evil:extinction. dave was george mcfly in his peeping tom outfit... lol. all of our friends had really cool costumes too! kelsy was dolly parton, maria was elvira, ida was lydia from beetle juice with toni as beetle juice, austin was the wicked witch of the west, tyler was bob ross.
Alice from Resident Evil ExtinctionDesktop1   

Halloween 2011- we were invited to our friend's party in hurst. dave and i though long and hard about what we wanted to be. i wanted to be alex from a clockwork orange for the longest time. dave decided to be bernie from weekend at bernies. it was hilarious and he nailed it. i also went to a haunted house with ashley and she came to a barn party and we zombified ourselves. last year was a blast! dave even decorated his boat last year to hand out candy. muttley loves his costumes too. he always gets excited when we put them on him.