Wednesday, August 1, 2012

frequently asked question....


"when are y'all going to have kids??!!"

being a newlywed, it's a question i get (we get) asked quite often. truth is, i'd be happy with having one now, but, realistically, we aren't in the best place to have one yet. (financially). i think we have a lot of growing up left to do. i am pretty selfish. i have my roller derby, my friends, my family, my husband and me. i like my me time. i like my time i spend with friends. i love my time when i go to derby practice and i knock the shit out of people after a long day at work. i'm not saying i wouldn't be able to do those things at all, but having a child would make those things much more difficult. plus, i am not ready for the 9 month derby injury!

but i do want kids. like now. everyone i know is having kids. every day i log into facebook i see another girl from high school is expecting. it's hard not to feel left out. or, left behind. it's weird that i feel left out, at least, i think it is. i could totally get pregnant right now if we really wanted to, but we know that we need to wait a little longer. we are trying to do what is best for us.... and a potential kiddo.

people always say 'you'll never really be ready'... i know, i want to be kid-free just a little longer.

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