Wednesday, August 1, 2012

before muttley got his balls chopped

haha. please forgive the vulgar title. that's what dave and i keep calling it though. muttley got fixed this past saturday. the day before (friday) we thought we should take him to the lake with us. we grabbed a 6 pack and a blanket (and some hot cheetos) and headed to our favorite spot by the water. dave tied muttley up to a rope which was tied to a tree. long story short, he got off of his leash (the collar came unclasped) and some lady threatened to mace him! i don't blame her for initially being spooked by some random dog running up to her, but dave was right behind him (barefoot) and already apologizing. muttley sat when dave told him to and just looked at said lady's dog wagging his tail. she yelled at dave "your dog is about to get a face full of this!" as she waved her mace wildly in the air. i yelled that we were sorry and that he meant them no harm. she kept yelling and said that her dog had been attacked 3 times.... OK. your dog has been attacked 3 times? sounds like that's YOUR fault. i told her we were sorry, and said "you don't have to be rude, lady!" she yelled back, "your dog hasn't been attacked 3 times!" so i yelled "that's because my dog isn't a pussy, you hippie bitch!". there in which she promptly walked off. had she maced my dog, i would have hip checked her into the lake. don't mess with my baby! he didn't do ANYTHING wrong but be curious about your stank ass little mutt. i'm sorry i called you a hippie. i like hippies... you were a bitch. i hope you stepped into a big pile of dog shit on your way home. and i hope it was your little bastard dog's shit. and it ruined your favorite pair of rope sandals. stupid lady. aside from that drama, we really did have a great time. muttley found lots of stuff to dig out of the bushes and chew on and we finished our brews in silence. the next day, muttley was fixed and now he is mad at us for having to wear the cone of shame. the moment he walked out of the room with the vet, i felt so bad for him. he was so happy to see me! he walked all wonky like over to me in his drug induced happiness. sweet little guy. when i got him home, he just stood staring. he does this a lot with the cone on. i think he is trying to think of a way to get comfy. we have been cheating a bit and letting him walk around without it while we are home and watching him. i don't think he gets much sleep at night because it's hard for him to lay down. he is also not eating as much. i think he misses his balls.  his incision is healing up well and he can stop wearing the cone next  tuesday. i can't wait for my baby to start feeling better. 

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