Monday, July 9, 2012

1st real derby injury-that time i broke my nose

last month, while at DLSS (Dirty Little Secret Service) practice, i broke my nose. at first, i didn't even realize i was hurt... we were playing a game where everyone was skating different ways and we all had paper plates with candy on it. you were supposed to take candy off of other people's plates. i was being less than aggressive at first... i made eye contact with one of my team mates (scary underwood) and decided to go for her candy stash. she must have been thinking the same thing, because she reached for mine. i don't know how, but my face ran full on into the side of her helmet. it knocked us both off of our feet. my nose was stunned, but it wasn't excruciating... after i got my barrings, i picked my head up to see if scary was alright. she looked at me kind of funny and said she was ok. about that time, one of the nurses that plays with us, fastback cassidy, came over to assess the situation. she told me that i should maybe go look in the mirror... that's when i freaked out a bit. we got to the entrance of the rest room and i asked her if my nose was crooked. she said "i don't know, i want you to look at it." that's when i started to cry. i know, just like a baby. haha. i looked in the mirror and it was definitely crooked. i asked her if she could fix it. she said she could but she didn't want to hurt me like that. she suggested that i go to the dr. my team mate ursa was super helpful and said that i should go to an urgent care place, since it was probably just a nose break and the copay would be cheaper and i shouldn't have to wait as long. she checked me into the care now close to the rink and i was on my way. she offered to drive me, but i knew i was fine. i called david, my mom and besties on my way there. dave's phone was somewhere, so he didn't answer at first. my mom and ashley met me at the care now. i only had to wait about 10 minutes before i was sent back to a room. after talking with the dr. and then getting an x ray, it was confirmed that i had broken my nose. this was a thursday... we had our last bout of the season on saturday and we were already bouting short (with only ten girls). i asked the dr. if i could skate. he gave me a weird look and said that i could skate, only if i wore a mask to protect my nose. then he asked if the other team would know that i was hurt and try to use my injury to hurt me and i told him of course not. we are all league mates and they don't play dirty like that. i did, however, let the team know that my nose was broken and to please be careful of my face. hahaha. the next day was consumed by finding a mask to wear. ursa helped out a bunch by finding places online. i ended up getting one that i found at academy. we played the deadly kennedys. we didn't win, but we had a lot of fun losing. my mask did the trick and my nose was protected from further injuries. it was a fun game. this was my first real game to have my parents and besties at. sam brought morgan and i think she really had a good time. it was nice knowing that i had so many people there for support. of course, dave and his mom were there, but they haven't missed a game yet... my derby fling, deebs made me a super awesome helmet to celebrate the end of the season. she's a keeper!
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the above photo shows the progression of my nose. it's pretty much back to normal now. luckily, it's only crooked to me and there is a small bump that is only noticeable from the side... 

Untitledfinally, a video that was taken of morgan after the bout. she says she wants to be a roller skater... she is too cute. 

all photos by dave and i unless otherwise stated on photo. other photos by a pixel in time photography and james davis photography

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