Wednesday, May 2, 2012


tried my first beer-rita and i must say that  i am hooked. not good for my diet!

i've gotten to see more of these little turkeys. they are so much fun to hang out with. morgan is 4 going on 24 and reese just makes me smile. i love my best friend's kids. 

been trying to be a better derby girl. working hard to be the skater i really want to be. i love my team, i love my league. roller derby saved my soul. i celebrated my first derbyversary. i can't believe i have been a part of this amazing sport for a year. sometimes it feels longer, and others it feels like i joined yesterday. here's to many more years of hip checks, whips and passing the panties. 

i've been experimenting with my nails more. i really like the nail art sticker things. i would like to try them out again. 

i have been obsessed with sushi. i need to learn to make it. this was bought at whole foods. 

i've been reading so much lately. i finally finished 11/22/63. glad i finally read it. it was amazing. i need a nook now. i need to give niena's back. =)


bouted against lsa. what a learning experience. i had a blast. it was a good game. 

trying my hand at getting more exotic plants in the house besides the ivy and the palm. i almost killed the smaller succulent, but i think it may be saved now. they're my new favorite plant right now. 

again, with my sushi...this was from a trip to deep sushi in deep ellum. the second pic is a cherry blossom. everyone should eat that once in their lives. 

pretty sky, pretty day. too pretty not to share. 

and this. i painted a picture. it's my first. hopefully, not my last. 

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