Friday, April 13, 2012

reception!-march 23, 2012

we wanted our reception to be fun and carefree. we didn't want (or have) a lot of money to spend, so we kept it simple. we decided to have it at my family's barn. dave was originally against this, as he thought that it wouldn't be fun, but, i talked him into it. we decided early on that we wanted to serve beer and pizza. we ordered pizza from mimi's in mesquite (thanks niena!) and got a keg of pbr from parkit markit on greenville ave. our friends, dusan and meg from austin brought a keg of live oak pilz as well. dusan works at the brewery, that is the beer i got drunk on. whoo! my bridesmaids and i decided that even though were going to be outside in the dirt, we still wanted to wear our dresses, but we all brought a pair of boots to change into. we had cupcakes and we toasted with beer. i got the cupcakes at albertson's and they were super inexpensive and it was soo easy. plus, i like cupcakes better than just cake. haha. i made the cake topper myself. i also made the centerpieces for the tables. i just got some mason jars and poured a bit of play sand inside and put a white candle on top of the sand, then i tied some twine to the rims. i filled brown paper bags with bird seed and stamped love birds on each side for our guests to pelt us with. we put up tiki torches for ambiance. we did keg stands and danced like fools. we all had a blast. it was wonderful and the only thing i would change would be that i didn't drink as much as i did. lol


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