Monday, February 13, 2012

weekend recap

i need to get back into the habit of blogging a few times a week...

this weekend was full of things to do. dave let me take the best nap ever on friday night. yes, i took a 2 hour nap on friday night. he's my favorite. needless to say, we didn't do much on friday besides finishing up my team's bout program page. dave was such a big help. we stayed up pretty late and i regretted it because i had to be at the galleria the next morning to do a photo shoot.

the photo shoot went smoothly. the kiddos were so cute! after the shoot, dave and i had lunch at luciano's. i had a giant piece of pepperoni and a salad. he had a spinach stromboli. we were stuffed. we shopped around a bit, but all i bought were some socks for derby and some fishnets for my team photo. when we got home, we took a nap in the living room. i was wiped out. (what an old lady i am becoming) i woke up to a text from samantha asking what i was up to that evening, and of course, i had nothing planned... so we made plans to hang out for a bit. i watched law and order svu until she came over and we ran to the store to get booze and candy. LOL. she had never seen the wild and wonderful whites of west virginia, so, we watched that. she of course, thought it was hilarious. if you haven't watched it, i suggest popping over to netflix and checking it out. it's a documentary about the 'famous' white family that lives in west virginia. they are all drug addicts and outlaws. the documentary crew followed them for an entire year. honestly, parts of it will make you laugh your ass off, and others will make you mad. here is a clip of what to expect. this is probably my favorite scene from the entire documentary... 

and then there is jesco white, and his opinion on sloppy eggs...

it got late, so sam headed home. again, i had to be up early in the morning. this time, a lot earlier. we were having our team photo taken the next day and the location was an hour away. i woke up at 6:30 the next morning and started curling my hair. i did my make up and checked the weather. it was 34 degrees outside... YIKES. my outfit consisted of hot shorts, compression tights, fishnets, a wife beater and an old army shirt. i got to the location and stayed in my car until everyone else arrived. annie gave me my team dog tags. i was so excited to get them! once everyone arrived, we got in position and put on our skates. we had to sit still in the same spot for quite a few minutes so that the gracious photographer could capture different exposures. the sun made this difficult as it kept coming out and then hiding behind clouds. we were finally able to move, and i felt so stiff. he let us take a short break and then we all re positioned ourselves into the next pose. this one didn't take as long. we were all yelling out that we were going to treat ourselves to cheese fries after the shoot. we ended up at cafe brazil after the photo and i had the chicken nachos. they are so good there! i took another nap once i got home to get ready for practice that night. and once again, i was watching law and order svu. (my guilty pleasure). we had an amazing practice and i just feel so much love for my team. i can't wait for the season opener. it's going to be amazing. leaving practice, it started to snow. it was the crappy texas kind, so it didn't stick and i would really just call it freezing rain rather than snow... i went to bed early sunday night and had a nice deep sleep. it was a great weekend. hopefully, in the coming weekends, i can focus on wedding planning and such. i really need to start getting stuff ready for the big day, or it may not go as smoothly as i want it.

i didn't know mel from flight of the conchords was on svu! i love their crazy guest stars. =D

this is sort of what i was wearing in my team photo... it 34 degree temp...gah!

the sky was pretty the day of our shoot...

i am official..i have been forever, but it just seems like its more official now. thanks ladies!

after our photo shoot, we were all warming up at cafe brazil. aren't we cute?
thanks to kewel whip for the photo.

dave and i HAVE to take a photo in front of the texas star with our wedding clothes on... since that's where he proposed!! <3


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