Tuesday, February 21, 2012

lately... this past week...

man, it feels like the weekends go by so quickly.... i guess they do. valentines came and went, but not without us celebrating. we waited till the day after (wednesday) and hit the town. we went to deep sushi for dinner, and let me tell you, it was devine! we even shared dessert! (rare) after eating to our heart's content, we headed over to the double wide for some dranks. we even tried the YOOHOO YEEHAW, which is basically a poor man's white russian... or a white trash white russian. ha! after we had a few drinks, we headed to the bowling alley... i haven't bowled since dave and i started dating... so like, 4 years. it was fun. i ordered some onion ring things and had to leave them at the table behind us. well, wouldn't you know, the beotch in the lane next to us decides she is too lazy to find a damn ashtray and dumps her ashes in my FOOD??!! luckily, i was basically done with the, but now, i kind of regret not saying anything. it didn't ruin our night though. we had a blast together... i didn't really take any photos because we were having so much fun.. here are a two.. 

dave and i started the weekend off right... with sushi.. we are kinda craving it a lot lately. i guess it's our new thing. i need to learn how to make some damn sticky rice. HALP! when i got home, dave, me and his cousin derek went to kaze sushi and hibachi. MOUTHGASM. <3 i had my usual avocado roll with cream cheese. dave had an alaskan roll and we shared the veggie hibachi plate. dave also go this weird girly drink that he didn't care for because it tasted like straight up peach schnapps. haha! while we were waiting for our food, i got a text from my buds that they were going to do karaoke. well, shoot! i decided to make it a japanese night. dave didn't want to do karaoke, so i went myself, which was great, because he would have been the only guy with us. we went to a place called scoreboard. mandy sang bonnie raiit's, 'i can't make you love me' and she sounded great! then, sam and i sang 'screaming infidelities' by dashboard confessional. i can tell you, that wasn't a song that many in that bar knew... oh, and that was the great part, that bar was CHEAP!  i got a good buzz off of the $20 i took in and was surprised! (i didn't drive) =) kellye and sam sang 'teenage dream' by katy perry and mandy also sang a gavin degraw song (i forgot which one) and then i got the courage to sing 'the way i am' by eminem. oh. my. lord. face palm! although, listening back to the video they took of me, i don't sound that awful.. look out SHADY! not too long after that, we headed back home. i slept so long on saturday.. wasted half of my day. i edited some photos and watched some law and order. real fun stuff right there. sunday morning i had another scrimmage. we played the derby girls from stephenville, texas. it was so much fun! after, we all went to the meridian room for brunch. well, it was more like lunch. when we got home, i took a long nap. it was nice. i got up and cleaned the house after and even did all of dave's laundry... i think he secretly wants me to do it, even though he tells me he doesn't. silly guy. we had veggie chicken sandwiches and waffle fries for dinner and settled into some mythbusters before bed. this weekend is my very first bout (home season with my team) ever. i am stoked and super nervous. we play the bombshell brigade. it's going to be pretty awesome. khaos gave us all little grenade pendants. now i know why she wouldn't tell me where she got hers! i love it.


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