Thursday, December 1, 2011

giveaway from Kaelah at Little Chief Honey Bee!!

From Kaelah

I knew I wanted to end this year of giveaways with a bang. We spent a good portion of October wondering what on earth we were going to do for December (we like to plan ahead) but we were coming up empty handed. This year I've given away entirely too many Lomography cameras (my favorite!), a FlipCam, a ukulele, giftcards, etc. I had saved a little bit of cash from each month's sponsors to pay for all of the prizes, and I stashed away a little extra each month for December because I knew I wanted it to be big. Luckily we got a major deal with a friend of ours and I couldn't be more stoked. I didn't take it out of the package (it's still like shrinkwrapped or whatever) because I knew if I opened it then it'd never go back. Mike and I both want one, but we can't really justify getting one right now. But man... I really want one! I never really cared for them until we considered getting one for the giveaway and now I think they're so neat. Even still, one lucky LCH reader will win a white 16GB wi-fi enabled iPad 2.  Think of it as a belated Christmas present or just a technological version of a hug from me for being such a fabulous addition to my day. Don't worry, I'd prefer theiPad over a hug, too! 

Go over to Little Chief Honeybee to enter to win!!

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