Thursday, December 15, 2011

christmas cards 2011

dave and i have already started the tradition of sending out christmas cards yearly. last year, i think we only did it digitally, but we did send them out. the most important thing to me, is that we take the photos.... every year i try to think of something super creative and one of a kind. it never happens that way. this year, we used our engagement photos for our cards. i just made a quick collage for the more serious one. for our goofy one, i decided that we should use the photo of us shooting the bb guns and kind of play on christmas story. i thought it would be funny. i was lazy and used piknik to do it on my lunch break at work, but i think they turned out pretty cute.

Christmas Card
our mailed out christmas card
funny card
our silly mailed out to only a few christmas card 

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