Tuesday, November 29, 2011



I got this 'survey' from Danielle at Sometimes Sweet. 

Obsessing over: What to do for the wedding.... I just want to marry my best friend... I am a girl, so of course I want to wear a pretty dress and carry pretty flowers etc... but when it all boils down to it, the only thing that matters is that we love each other and we are committing our lives to one another. Who really gives a whiff about how much my dressed costs and what we are serving at the reception. I don't want to pay for a party that everyone else is going to enjoy when I can blow that money on a honeymoon doing crazy stuff with my new hubby! It goes without saying that Dave and I will probably just have a very small ceremony with our favorite people in attendance. We just have to figure out when and where.

Working on: Being more organized. If my mom saw my house right now, she would be embarrassed she raised such a slob. Not really, because it's not that bad, but we do have stuff that needs to be put away *ahem laundry* and so forth... One of my New Years Resolutions is to be more clean. That includes my mind and body as well. I need to stop making excuses for myself. 

Thinking about: My Christmas shopping list. I love to shop (when I have the money for it) and I especially love to buy for other people. I am trying to have a running list of what I plan to get everyone before I start buying. I think I got the late shopping gene from my parents who would sometimes do their shopping on Christmas Eve! HA!

Anticipating: Christmas. I can't WAIT! I think I am going to try to talk David into us throwing another Christmas party this year. I love hosting parties and having people over and I would just love to this year. I can't wait to go pick out our tree.. I have already started decorating a bit... We don't go all out, so there are just a few kitschy things here and there.... 

Listening to: The talking/typing/phone rings around the office... My nice little under the desk heater that keeps me toasty throughout the day...

Drinking: Water, because I don't drink it enough. 

Wishing: A lot of things. Mostly that I would have finished school when I had the chance.. I will go back, but it just seems so daunting when you have a full-time job, a full-time hobby and a life. If I could go back to my 18 year old self, I would have told me, "Yes, you do need to go to college. You will not be a professional photographer just because that is what you want to do. Go to school and get an education. Open up your mind."

How about you? What are you up to today?

Monday, November 28, 2011

he had a great birthday....

this is a bit late, but we celebrated david's birthday with his mom at el fenix. after, we had some friends come over and we partied with poker and booze. a very happy birthday indeed. 

Friday, November 11, 2011

Happy Birthday to my #1....

Today, my husband-to-be is 27. Next year, by this time, we will be married. David, I love you with all of my heart. I am glad that we get to spend your special day with your family. You are such a special person to me. I am a lucky gal to call you mine. I hope your birthday is all that you hope it to be and more. Buy a lotto ticket, because it's 11.11.11!!!

Here's to you, my Stud Muffin.

<3, Slamea


boxers or breifs? hmmmmm
58 out of 365--happy anniversary!

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

My 26th Birthday


Wow, I cannot believe that I am 26 years old now. Time sure does fly.
On Friday, my friend Catherine sent cookies to my office. Thank you, sweet girl! Also, my best friend’s daughter was born. On my actual birthday, Saturday, Dave took me to Chili's for dinner... I got free desert. ;)Then we just had a small party at our house. We drank and played poker and made a fire in the fire pit. It was so much fun. Thanks to everyone who came out!
On Sunday, I had a derby meeting and derby practice. I came home to a bouquet of roses and a beautifully personalized card! That sweet man….

I look forward to many more wonderful years. 


Monday, November 7, 2011

Baby Reese

My best friend had her daughter the DAY BEFORE MY BIRTHDAY. :)  Sam was a trooper and had a very quick and smooth delivery. I was sad that I couldn't be there for the birth and document it for her, but I am glad that I got to go and see them after work. I went with Ashley and her mom, Penny. Ashley took them pizza so they wouldn't have to eat gross hospital food. 
Reese Kellye Sterling 6lbs. 10 oz. 19 inches long. 


Halloween 2011

 This is a bit late, but as everyone says, better late than never right? This year, we made our costumes. It's more fun that way. We actually made them the year before too, but anyways..

Dave decided that he wanted to be Bernie from Weekend at Bernie's. He actually pulled it off very well. We went thrifting to find the perfect shirt/jacket combo for his costume. At this point, I still wasn't sure what I wanted to be. Last year, I really wanted to be Alex from A Clockwork Orange. I thought that maybe I could find the stuff at the thrift store, so I started looking. I found everything I needed except the hat. We headed over to the Halloween store and Dave got a fake mustache and I found the derby hat I needed and some fake eyelashes. Our friends were hosting a Halloween party the Friday before, so we went to that one. All of our friends were super creative. Maria went as Peggy Bundy and her date was Al. Kelsy was a trash-man and Andrew was a big bag of trash. (he kept drinking his beers and then putting them into himself.) Toni was a grey scale lady. Austin was a old west gunslinger. Gabe decided he wanted to be a mummy with a boner. He got mad when we all hit it... Tiffany and Tyler were the bearded lady and strongman. We watched the Rangers lose the World Series, which was a drag, but another reason to get inebriated. They will get it next year!

The next day was my family's Halloween Barn Party. We have never had a Halloween party at the barn and there were no kids allowed. Dave's mom, Niena came. Ashley rode with me. We stopped at Walgreens because I wanted to zombie it up. (we were the only people who dressed up) No worries, it was fun! I think I did a crappy job on Ashley's makeup.. she looks like a sad clown. :(  We had a great time though. We ate drank and played Apples to Apples. Donnie made a delicious  roasted cabbage which consisted of cutting a hole in the bottom of cabbage where the stem is and filling it with cream cheese and jalapenos. Then you put the stem back on, rub olive oil all over the outside and roast it. OMG. it was SOOOO GOOOD. I took the extra one home.

The day before Halloween (Sunday) Dave and I carved our pumpkins. Luckily, this year, I didn't get a moldy one. :) I really didn't want to do an elaborate carving this year (like I've ever done that) so, I kind of just free handed it. Dave's had a goofy face. On Halloween night, Dave and I painted our faces and sat outside with Muttley (who was also in costume) to hand out candy to the trick-r-treaters. Most of the kids were very polite and dressed up super cute... We got a few teenagers and they weren't even dressed up! We still gave them candy, but I gave them a hard time about not dressing up. I know some people can't afford to, but they could have made themselves hobos or something from things they had around the house. All in all, we had a great Halloween. I love this holiday, it's my favorite!