Thursday, October 13, 2011

our engagement story

wednesday, dave and i took the day off to check out the fair. i hadn't been since i was a kid, so i was super excited. dave kept saying that he really wanted to ride the ferris wheel. i wanted to try the buffalo chicken in a flapjack and ride a few silly rides. we rode the train out to fair park. we brought 3 canned foods each so admission was only $2 a piece. what a steal! the first thing we checked out was the auto exhibit. i really like the fiats, but could never see myself actually driving one! i did test out a $77k corvette though... we headed into a random building with several other exhibits and i got a beer. after we checked out all there was to see there, we made our way to the rides. dave doesn't really like rides that spin, but i managed to get him on the spaceship thing. it was pretty fun. he didn't want to ride anything else, so i made him let me ride the magnum, which was this silly thing that spun and flipped you. i lost my shades, but the ride operator snagged them for me. we started to get a bit hungry, so dave got a hot link and we went in search of the buffalo chicken in a flapjack. we finally found it! it was delish! i loved it. it was the perfect mix of sweet and spicy. after we satisfied our bellies, we checked out the greenhouse. it smelled so good inside there! they had several trains running all through the place and even a (little) big tex! we decided that we were ready to ride the texas star (ferris wheel). the line wasn't long at all, but as i was reading the signs posted, i mentioned that it looked like dave and i were going to be sharing our car with someone else since each car needed 4-6 people. he seemed a bit agitated, but i shrugged it off. finally, it was our turn. i am terrified of heights, but i never let it keep me from doing things i want to do... i was nervous. the texas star goes up to a staggering 21 stories!!! yikes! the first time around is the worst because they have to keep stopping it so that they can let others on. then, you are just hanging there. every time dave would move an inch, i would plead with him to not move! the second time around i was a little more comfortable, so i pulled my phone out for some photos and video. i was in the middle of videoing and dave asked me to put my phone down. i did. i looked away. he tapped me on the shoulder and i looked down and he had a ring in his hand! i immediately started to cry! he put it on (kinda... my fingers were swollen from walking/beer/fried foods haha) and i hugged him. then he asked me and i of course, said YES! the two people we didn't know that were sharing the car with us were looking at us funny, like they hadn't realized what was going on. dave told them i was really afraid of heights and i said 'plus he gave me this!' they said 'awe, and congrats'. when the ride was over, i jumped off and started hugging dave. i told him i had to call my mom right away. i did and she was so excited! dave talked to her too and then asked her if it was OK that he married me. LOL. we got a beer to celebrate! i told dave to call his mom... he called and told her while we were on the ferris wheel, he 'whipped it out'. she didn't know what he meant so he told her to talk to me. i told her and she was super excited! dave really wanted to check out more of the exhibits, so we did that. we looked at our guide and saw that the next dog show was in five minutes, so we walked as fast as we could to see. they were dobermans and really cute. they jumped and did other tricks. they seemed very well cared for and happy. i didn't really get any get photos of that... after the dog show we headed over to fine arts building to take in some artwork. at some point, we saw the other auto show. my mom texted me that my dad was home, so i called and told him the good news. dave asked his permission as well. haha. lucky for dave, i'm not super traditional. dave really wanted to see the train exhibit. they were towards the back of the fairgrounds. talk about massive! they were HUGE! i was pretty surprised. as we were walking beside a mammoth of an engine, i smacked my right hand against something. it really hurt! i ended up cutting a pretty deep gash into my hand. dave ran over to the booth and got me a bandaid and helped me clean it up. what a guy! the trains were beautiful. it's amazing they were built so long ago... not much longer after the trains, we boarded our own train for home. i would have loved to stay for the fireworks, but i had derby practice and recruitment duties. :)

the best part of him asking on the top of the texas star (besides being uber romantic) is that every time i see the ferris wheel from the highway or from the coliseum (where most of our roller derby bouts are) i will smile and think of my handsome stud and this wonderful day. <3
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