Wednesday, October 26, 2011

pieces of the last week or so....

my life has been so crazy for the past few weeks! busy, busy, busy! i need to make more of an effort to open up on here, although i think i am scared to share too much. i am excited that dave and i have finally set a date! sept. 7th, 2012. before the world ends! hahahahaha! i have been pinning stuff to pinterest like a mad woman! it's such a great app. i love it. i already know what colors i want, what flowers, and what kind of dress. dave has told me what kind of suite he would like to wear as well. i will probably share some of my ideas on here soon. it would be a cool way to look back and perhaps inspire others?

Veg fair

anyways on to what has been going on as of late...

  • went to lunch with catherine and brenda friday....we went to blue goose and cat had the top down, so i took a picture of our building through it. 
  • found some cool new beer at sunflower market
  • i went to a haunted house with ashley, robert, loreana, beny and all of their friends. it was silly fun.
  •  i got a video of loreana running for her life out of the house. 
  • got muttley an appropriate halloween costume. (it says bad dog)
  • took and edited photos of grant 
  • had to borrow some warm jammie pants from my dave because it was COLD. brr.
  • got to see morgan. she is smarter every time i see her. she amzes me!
  • cried while reading an article about true love.
  • got ready for and skated in another bout. we lost, but we had so much fun! good game ladies. i actually have video from a bout now! crazy. i think i look silly... 
  • i went to the veg fair with gabe. we took muttley and he was acting all kinds of crazy, but dave and i are now going to attempt vegetarianism for a bit. he even made tofu helper in lui of hamburger helper!
  • oh, GO RANGERS! i'll be watching tomorrow boys! let's finish it up with game 5!

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