Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ol' yeller

this was my first truck. a 1976 gmc sierra grande. two tone yellow and creme. i drove it my senior year of high school. it was loud (the color was loud too) and it was old. it was fun to drive. it left me stranded a few times... i wore the breaks down to the metal, and i also messed up the side of it by accidentally hooking it with a trailer that was in our driveway. there was also the time that the guy riding a crotch rocket ran a red light and i hit him. i thought he was dead until he got up and ran from the scene! i am still nervous to drive around them...

 it got me where i needed to go and i looked kind of cool doing it. (although, at times, i was embarrassed to drive it). i am glad i was able to drive such a solid tank of a truck. sometimes, i miss you, ol' yeller. 

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