Wednesday, September 28, 2011

ol' yeller

this was my first truck. a 1976 gmc sierra grande. two tone yellow and creme. i drove it my senior year of high school. it was loud (the color was loud too) and it was old. it was fun to drive. it left me stranded a few times... i wore the breaks down to the metal, and i also messed up the side of it by accidentally hooking it with a trailer that was in our driveway. there was also the time that the guy riding a crotch rocket ran a red light and i hit him. i thought he was dead until he got up and ran from the scene! i am still nervous to drive around them...

 it got me where i needed to go and i looked kind of cool doing it. (although, at times, i was embarrassed to drive it). i am glad i was able to drive such a solid tank of a truck. sometimes, i miss you, ol' yeller. 

newpictures 044

Tuesday, September 27, 2011


i have decided that i am going to read/listen to as many books as i can before the end of the year. i used to read all of the time and until recently, i hadn't picked up a book in a while. reading is really important to me and i just love getting lost in a great book. i love all books (almost) and i can't wait to read some great ones. on my list right now (with a few recommendations from friends) :

and a few more... i'll try to start blogging about the book once i have finished it... 

i'd love any suggestions from anyone. 


van dammes vs. seagals

saturday night, my team, the van dammes took on the seagals. it was so much fun! we had a great team. our track manager was castro, and trigger mortis coached us. we won 122-75! these are not even close to all of the photos, but dave didn't have his big flash, so a lot of them look super grainy.

this seems a bit like a lazy post, but this happened a few weeks ago and i just wanted to make sure i posted something about this awesome bout, even if it is just half-assed.








photo by red hot rage
photo by red hot rage

Thursday, September 15, 2011

a good book...

i have been reading as much as i possibly can as of late. i am on the third book in the hunger games. i. can't. put. it. down. so. good. i know once i finish it, i will be itching for something equally as good, if not better. i am asking for book recommendations... anyone have any? feed my reading hunger! 


Friday, September 9, 2011


tomorrow is bout day. i am skating in the second bout as a van damme. i cannot wait! here are some gratuitous photos and gifs of JCVD to get you pumped to cheer for us. 


and now various forms of the splits. work it JCVD!

mullet van damme

                                                              baby van damme....