Wednesday, August 31, 2011

ghost hunting-memories

a while back, we all went down to san antonio for a little vacay. we were really into ghosts and ghost hunters, so we decided to take a ghost hunting tour. here are the photos from that awesome night!

too bad we didn't get to stay there...

tingle wall
this wall was supposed to tingle with spirits... or something like that....

Sam in front of San Fernando Cathedral
we went to SA to celebrate sam's 21st birthday!

front entrance to the palace
the governor's palace....

plaq at the governer's palace


with the governer
awwwh... we were all so YOUNG

counting down the minutes bw
about to celebrate sam's entrance into legalized drinking...

(i'm pretty sure this was the irish car bomb... it was disgusting and $10)

Sam's first legal Drink tweaked
sam's first legal drink

San Antonio
some dead dude

looking up high San Fernando Cathedral

JR the tour guide
our tour guide

San Fernando Cathedral plaq

sam said her batteries kept dying.. it was probably the ghosts draining the energy from them....


omg. electromagnetic reader thing.

someone died up there

ashley and rob are taking temperature readings ...


this tree was said to have held the bodies of hundreds of people who were hung for whatever reason... robert went over to the tree with his recorder and asked if anyone wanted to talk to him. he freaked sam out a little..

ahahaha. too funny. i miss our carefree younger days. this trip was so much fun! i think we all need to plan another one to another 'haunted' town... like jefferson, texas.

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