Monday, August 29, 2011

canoe time

dave has a new job. he works at a canoe, paddle board and kayak rental place. so far, he totally digs it! sunday, he asked me and muttley to join him for a quick canoe ride. i drove the few miles to his new job with muttley hanging his goofy head out of the window... once we arrived, dave, muttley and i headed to fuzzy's tacos for a quick bite. YUM. once our tacos were gobbled down and our bellies were full, we embarked on our short canoe journey. i set my iPhone timer for 25 minutes and dave launched our canoe. (with a timid muttley aboard). we had a great little twenty minute boat adventure. we even saw a beautiful crane take off. muttley kept rocking the boat and i kept getting scared dave was steering us straight for the trees! i can't wait to go out with my captain again. 

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