Tuesday, July 5, 2011

independence day

this weekend was spent mostly at our new house getting things in order and cleaning. we have been there a week and there is still so much to do. i can't believe we have so much stuff!! on the fourth, we decided to have a picnic and watch the fireworks from dreyfuss point at whiterock lake. we took sandwiches and pasta salad and we snuck a couple of brews with us. we laid out our blanket and ate our dinner while we waited for the fireworks to start. dave oooed and awed over a few of the sailboats there. muttley got scared of the fireworks and snuck in between dave and i. it was pretty cute.

muttley likes to ride in style

photo 2photo 4
our view

photo 5
photo 4photo 2

photo 3
Muttley had a blast

photo 1

photo 4
he must have slept well... this is how i found him this morning...

photo 5
i covered up his manhood... hahaha

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