Sunday, July 3, 2011

best youtube videos (in my opinion)

best cry ever

the auto-tuned version

breakdancing kitteh

the crazy nastyass honey badger

arnold talking about 'the pump'

sexy sax man

crazy e-harmony lady

deathly hallows (halo parody)

my push up bra will get me a man!

 a mcdonald's training video (found footage fest)

cory haim, me, myself and i (found footage fest)

frost the snowman (found footage fest)

crystal styx (found footage fest

rue mcclanahan cat training video (found footage fest)

inline skating is fun (found footage fest)

some of the best stuff i have ever seen! jan terri... LOL
get down goblin

journey to mars

loosing you

little brother

rock and roll santa

insurance company safety video

what are YOUR favorite youtube videos?

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