Monday, June 20, 2011

thanks, netflix

i am now obsessed with the corny abc family drama, the secret life of the american teenager. i started at the very first episode/season. i think i am in season 2 and there is no end in sight. when i googled the show for this image, i accidentally saw some show spoiler photos, but i still plan on watching the heck out of this show. it's dramatic and corny story lines are just what i need to watch before going to bed at night...

oh along with... pawn stars...
this show is just as addictive... only 20 minutes an episode, but packed with tons of interesting moments. we can't stop watching it... we found a weird contraption in our new house (i will share later) and i wanted to spray paint it to make it prettier and dave almost yelled at me, "haven't you learned anything from watching pawn stars!!!???" needless to say, the piece stayed in it's original condition. if you are bored, check these shows out. you may be surprised at how quickly you are sucked in. 

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