Friday, May 13, 2011

this is what is wrong with america....

today, a new burger place will open in dallas' west end district. heart attack grill. i wouldn't be caught dead in that place... wouldn't you know, that is their slogan... "taste worth dying for"... that's just what happened to their 'beloved' spokesman. he was 29, 575 lbs and died of pneumonia. the owner, and friend of the spokesman, couldn't have been less sympathetic to the fact that his restaurant helped to kill the poor young man. granted, people choose to go there, but hey, why not? if you are 350 lbs or over, you get to eat their free. all day, every day. to glorify obesity, which is such a widespread problem, is utterly deplorable. just watch the hypocrisy for yourself.... a scantily clad nurse (waitress) greets you with a hospital gown. you are then able to choose from the following. a single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass or quadruple bypass burger. the quad is 8,000 calories. 
the fries are fried in lard, they have butter shakes... ugh, i can't even go on... just take a gander yourself....

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