Thursday, May 26, 2011

guess what?

great news to report on the blog... i am a bit late, but sooo much has happened in the last week and i wanted to soak it all in. i found out that i was going to get to take my assessment test for derby on tuesday... i found this out on monday... wow. i was so freaked! i went home that monday night and changed my wheels so that i could practice a bit outside. i tried to take it easy because i didn't want to hurt myself right before assessment!! tuesday at work i was super nervous. it was hard not to think about what i would be doing later that night. i tried to drink a lot of water so that i would be plenty hydrated. then, 5 o'clock came. since i live so far from our practice space, i usually hang with my mom or samantha until practice... since this was such an important day, i decided i would go there early.... i got there a little before 6 and i was supposed to be there at 7... hahaha. i just listened to music in my car for a bit and finally headed inside to catch the tail end of the figure skating practice. becka was in there too, so i was glad that i wasn't the only person super early. one by one, the other girls showed up.. before i knew it, the assessment had begun. all in all, it think i did pretty well... it lasted a whopping 3 hours! after the assessment, we all went to chili's for a well deserved beer... plus, we were pretty hungry! i went home with my nerves on edge... we had no idea when we would find out if we passed or not... i woke up and my stomach was in knots... all day, i kept checking facebook.... checking my email... finally... around 4pm... we got the email. i passed! i was so relieved and thankful. i passed my assessment after about a month of fresh meat practices. i still feel there is a lot i have to learn. i also really need to work on my endurance. i get tired pretty easily. i have let myself get out of shape. :(

we found out that we would be getting to play in a mock bout on saturday. there would be 2 teams... the hippies vs. the punks. i was put in as a hippie. oh crap! i had to pick a name. i already knew what number i wanted. (11-5) which is my birthday... i had tons of ideas for names rolling around in my head as well as a running list on my iPhone notepad... dave really wanted me to go with hot knife betty.... for some reason, i just couldn't commit to it, so i put my 4 favorite names up for vote. deathly harlow won by a landslide! one of our veteran skaters made an awesome suggestion to all of us though, see the below youtube video... now that would be an awesome name, although, i believe it is taken....

honey badger doesn't give a shit!!! 

the bout was saturday... as the weekend creeped up on me, i took friday off of work (more on that in a different post) and mentally tried to prepare myself for the bout. i got my shirt ready... dave helped with the stencils as usual (thanks babe!) and i tried to relax. i cleaned a lot on saturday and listened to dead reckoning (sookie stackhouse book) on my iPhone. finally, it was time to head out there.... dave couldn't come because he had to work. i went to my mom and dad's before.. my dad had a real bad cold, so they weren't going to be able to make it, but they fed me pizza and we talked a lot before i headed to the skating rink. 

when i got there, fellow hippies were already there. we claimed a 'dressing room' and got to work helping to set the track. that's hard work! finally, it was time to go get our gear on. at this point, i was a nervous wreck!! after everyone was suited up, we went out and warmed up. after warming up our muscles, we stretched... then it was time for the game!! they played the national anthem, we had a moment of silence for a derby sister's loss of her mother and then, we lined up for the refs to check our gear. i had to tighten my helmet, it was a bit too lose... then, we lined up again for the line up... i was one of the last ones. some of the girls thought it would be cool to throw flowers to the crowd since we were hippies. i thought it was an awesome idea!!! i was still so nervous, so i looked really mean and focoused, but i was really scared shitless!! they called my new derby name and i skated out and threw my flowers. it was such an empowering feeling... wow! such a rush. we all got to play all the positions... so i got to jam. omg... i messed up though.. not only did my feet feel like bricks, but i cut the track and was called to the penalty box... too bad i didn't realize... i just kept skating.. i was in the moment.. when i finally realized the ref was trying to get me to go to the penalty box. DUH. oops. i felt so stupid!!! i served my time in the box and when i was finally able to return to the track, i scored like maybe 4 point. whew.. at least i redeemed myself... kind of. hahaha. we lost pretty bad but i think that we learned a lot while we were out there. a lot of our time was spent in the penalty box for cutting the track and what not.. i just think we were all so excited!!it was a great night and i feel like i gained several points of experience in derby. below are some photos from red hot rage and mitch mccasland who were gracious enough to share with us.

about to hand out my hippie flowers photo by mitch mccasland
team zebra photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

photo by red hot rage

Punks vs Hippies-1117.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1289.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1384.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1595.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1758.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1882.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1965.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1407.jpg
photo by jay flowers

Punks vs Hippies-1426.jpg
photo by jay flowers

photo by red hot rage

photo by mitch mccasland

ps... i hope you photographers don't mind that i used your images. i did credit you and really appreciate and admire your lovely work. in a lot of ways, these photos also help me figure out some of the things i was doing wrong, so again, THANK YOU!!!

Tuesday, May 17, 2011


dave made this super cool video of muttley and posted it on youtube. i felt inclined to share. he has been learning some new tricks and deserves to be shown off! ♥

Monday, May 16, 2011

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fresh meat practice: first month re-cap

i have been going to fm practice for about a month now. i have to say, i am way more comfortable with several things than i was when i first started. last month, i would have said that i was a medium skill skater.. meaning, i could skate, stop etc. now, i can do so much more. crossovers, t-stops, almost suicide stops. it's great. i am learning so much. i wouldn't say i am more than a medium now, but i am definitely a stronger skater all around.  i can feel my body getting stronger and i skate harder for longer. i am loving it! i want to get better every practice. i want to learn a new thing at every practice. the other day, dave and i took muttley to  the park. i wanted to get some outdoor skating in. dave was trying to get me to go down all of these steep hills and stuff. i finally did it and thought i was going to die! i had no idea how to stop. my snow plows weren't cutting it. i ended up sliding into the grass on my kneepads. i know that if i had taken the turn that was at the bottom of the hill, i would have hurt/killed myself on the concrete. i got back up after pouting a bit, since dave was the one who dared me to do it. (he is a veteran skate boarder) i tried not to let it get to me that i didn't know how to turn that fast or stop going that fast on concrete and i ended up skating a good 2 miles that evening. it felt great. when i got home, i found all kinds of grass and leaves in my shorts from my 'graceful' fall. haha. i like skating outside because it helps build endurance, but i'd rather be on a hardwood floor inside a skating rink. as i was saying... practices have been going great. i look forward to them every week. it's a great outlet and gets me the exercise i need. i looked it up and i burn roughly 1200 calories in each practice! i LOVE derby!! ♥♥♥♥  last night, we had a really good practice. the veteran skater that ran it always pushes us extra hard. i hate it at the time, but after practice, i feel so great. it's always worth the extra sweat and pain. we scrimmaged at the end of practice and i was jamming. melissa came out of nowhere and knocked me backwards on my tailbone! YIKES! more than anything, i think it just scared me. my elbow pad had slipped down a bit, so i hit my butt and elbow on the floor pretty bad. i got back up and took a quick break and then i got back in there. i know i will be getting hit harder when i am in a bout, so i needed to just suck it up. surprisingly, i am not as sore as i thought i would be, but i am sore. it's a good sore. at the end of practice, we had to skate 20 laps in the opposite direction as a pack, staying in derby stance. wheeew! it was tiring, but rewarding. we did it in 5 mins and 8 seconds, which they said was good considering it was the opposite direction. WHOOP!

i also attended/worked my second bout. this time, i was in concessions all night. it was cool because all of girls worked really well together and the time went by super fast. we got to catch a bit of the second bout as we helped clean up the stands. it was exciting!!! after the bout, i went to see my mom for her birthday and mother's day. i ended up staying the night because i was so tired! oh, and she had given me a few drinks and i didn't think i should drive all the way back's weird waking up at your parents' house after you haven't lived there in years...on the couch... with your contacts still on. my mom had hid my keys in the kitchen drawer! i had not planned on going anywhere, but she said she did it so that i would have to wake her up in the morning when i left to tell her i was leaving... moms. :)

this week, i will watch my friends take their assessment test. i will be rooting them on from the sides. it will also be good to watch and see what will be expected of me. i am excited for them to pass assessment, but also sad they may be leaving me soon! i hope they all pass and get drafted to teams though!

this is a silly video of me skating in the driveway and what happened when i tripped over a crack, haha

footage of the second bout

some of us fresh meat girls after the bouts


Friday, May 13, 2011

this is what is wrong with america....

today, a new burger place will open in dallas' west end district. heart attack grill. i wouldn't be caught dead in that place... wouldn't you know, that is their slogan... "taste worth dying for"... that's just what happened to their 'beloved' spokesman. he was 29, 575 lbs and died of pneumonia. the owner, and friend of the spokesman, couldn't have been less sympathetic to the fact that his restaurant helped to kill the poor young man. granted, people choose to go there, but hey, why not? if you are 350 lbs or over, you get to eat their free. all day, every day. to glorify obesity, which is such a widespread problem, is utterly deplorable. just watch the hypocrisy for yourself.... a scantily clad nurse (waitress) greets you with a hospital gown. you are then able to choose from the following. a single bypass, double bypass, triple bypass or quadruple bypass burger. the quad is 8,000 calories. 
the fries are fried in lard, they have butter shakes... ugh, i can't even go on... just take a gander yourself....

Wednesday, May 4, 2011

toni and austin's wedding

saturday, after the zombie walk,i had to rush home and clean up because two of our good friends were getting married! toni and austin finally tied the knot at the rose chapel in fort worth. the ceremony was short and sweet. the bride and groom were announced and proceeded down the isle to "i will always love you" by whitney houston. after all of the other formalities, we danced the night away. it was such a fun night and we are so happy for them. enjoy your new lives, guys!! sadly, all i brought was my iPhone, so excuse the poor quality of photos. i also snagged some from my dancing partner, maria. ♥ 



grooms cake=awesome

me and tiff photo by maria

ida, me, tiff and maria... oh and gabe  photo courtesy of maria

maria and toni  photo courtesy of maria

kelsy and toni photo courtesy of maria

courtney and i photo courtesy of maria

trevor and maria
this pose was his idea....


the beautiful bride and i

awwh, they look so happy!
coolest kiddo ever

do si do.  photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria... i caught the bouquet. are you surprised?
 photo courtesy of maria... dave's reaction.
 photo courtesy of maria

 photo courtesy of maria

 trying to pop a balloon?

gabe and kelsy having fun





 photo courtesy of maria... my favorite of the night

 photo courtesy of maria