Sunday, April 3, 2011

Super Stoked

I am way beyond excited. After living in Arlington for the past three years, Dave and I have decided to finally move to Dallas. I am beyond ready. I have been making the long commute between Arlington and Dallas for work for so long and now we will also be closer to family and friends. I have strong ties to my family and friends and it's been tough being almost an hours drive away from them all. I have made some great friends here in Arlington, but I feel like this is much needed step in the right direction for Dave and I. We will also be close to great parks, a lake and also, MY JOB! We won't be moving until the end/beginning of the year, but I am already starting to decorate stuff in my head. YAY! I know Dave hates moving, but I secretly love it. It's a brand new adventure. 

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