Tuesday, April 5, 2011

roller derby girl in training

so tonight i went to observe my first fresh meat roller derby practice. it looks tough as hell, but i can't wait to strap on my skates and join them. they had them doing all sorts of drills and skills activities. then they did a 'scrimmage' at the very end of practice. it was cool to see all of the veteran skaters helping out the fresh meat. i really can NOT wait until my skates come in and i can pay for my dues. [$70 anyone want to sponsor me?] i just dropped a good $350 on my skates and gear. haha. just kidding... [kinda] anyways, once i pay that, i can start practicing as fresh meat. the fresh meat period lasts for 90 days. during those 90 days, you learn all of the necessary skills so that you don't hurt yourself or others. however, if you excel at these skills already, they will bump it up. you don't 'try out' per say, you take an assessment test at the end of the 90 days. if you can pass that, they will place you on a team that has spots available.

back to the story....

if you know me, you wouldn't call me a shy person.. but before i know people, i am shy. i was a bit apprehensive about going to the practice because i was going alone and there were going to be a lot of new people to meet. everyone was so damn cool though. as soon as i walked in looking like a lost kiddo looking for her mommy, one of the veteran skaters greeted me and called me over  and introduced herself and gave me paperwork to check out. she gave me some pointers on the skates/wheels that i ordered and she was a cool chick. unfortunately, i forgot her name! i met so many people, so it was a bit overwhelming. i wasn't the only person interested in derby either. there were several ladies ready to sign up for fresh meat! they were all pretty nice too and they all had similar questions that i had. all of the veteran skaters were super happy to answer questions and give us advice.

so, this will be a new thing on the blog. i will update about derby. every aspect i can. i felt that it would be rude to take pictures at a practice, so i will leave you with some inspiring derby pics i found from google. peace!!
the skates i ordered
the wheels i ordered. oops..i only ordered 4 :/
the helmet i ordered... i wont bore you with the pads etc...


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