Friday, April 8, 2011

Lately... [Photo Dump]

it's been quite a while since i have done one of these and i thought it was bout time. this is almost a month's worth of iPhone photos, so just bare with me and enJOY.

one of our trips to smashburger ♥

when dave arrived in st. louis, it was snowing!

muttley and i on our way to sam's house for the week

i forgot i was 'friends' with him.. haha. 

poor tree at work 
it's silver bullet time!
cute cousins. my friend's kiddos
happy st. patty's day!
my accommodations at sam's during the week i stayed there....

the long drive dave and his classmates took.

i could never tire of this song.... 

got a new planner at work. i am an organization freak!

tulips from dave on our anniversary. =D

these little leaves were everywhere for a while... 

dave had this shirt made for me in st. louis... below is the video of them making it!

morgan's birthday presents from me and dave

about to try contacts for the first time...eeep! 
best gordita EVER. 

tulips again. 

mexican meat market

muttley's new buddy

driving home!

ft. worth for maria's b-day celebration

princess morgan's 3rd birthday party!

tulips again... hehehe

grow little herb, grow!

our bikes. red and yellow, red and yellow

oh! i colored my hair, though you can hardly tell... 

beautiful sunset. 

someone lob

he's a punk, but we love him. 

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