Thursday, April 14, 2011

first week of fresh meat practice...

i finally did it. i jumped right in and officially joined the assassination city roller derby league. on monday night, i had to help dave with a photo shoot for his last photo class. after that, dave drew out some stencils for my fresh meat shirts. i figured i would start off with two. a tank and a tee. while he did that, i fitted my mouth guard. i think the shirts came out great. dave said "i'm going to do your name in metallica letters... " hahaha. he did.. they look awesome. i love the one that says "see you later pigeons"

my first practice was on tuesday...
holy hell. i am so sore. . i also went to practice last night (wednesday). my first practice was a bit nerve racking... i was nervous/anxious. i kind of knew what to expect and that it wasn't going to be as easy as it looked when i observed practice. the first night, (tuesday) they had us warm up by doing some stretches that did not involve skates at all. then, we mostly did endurance training. i fell a few times, but not too bad. while i was learning how to suicide stop better, one of my toe stoppers came off. i didn't even know. one of the old meats saw and got it for me. she then helped me get it back on. needless to say, i ordered new toestops from wicked. i got the gumball toe stops. i also got some toe guards and a t-shirt with the ac derby logo.i guess the makers of the skates don't realize how quickly the toes wear out... i suggest getting toe guards to anyone thinking of doing derby.  i think i will like the gumball toe stops. after a pretty tiresome practice (for me anyway) they announced that there was to be another practice on wednesday. originally, i didn't want to go, but then i talked my self into it. so, after the first practice, i went home and had a few beers. i was so damn sore after. so sore. i didn't get into bed until like 1:30. the next morning, it was super hard to get up. i was honestly dreading the practice that night, but now i can say i am super glad i went. it was a very beneficial practice. we learned a lot of techniques and fundamentals. i wasn't as sore, but man, did i get a work out. we did queen of the track, practiced blocking, scrimmaged, we practiced pulls and whips and pulls, and falls. i feel a bit more confident now. it's bout week and i am excited to be a part of such an awesome league. i can't wait for bout day!

my r3s

fresh meat shirts made by dave ♥

my first derby bruise. not too bad. (on my thigh)

dave drew this for me.. lol


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