Wednesday, April 20, 2011

first bout and fresh meat practice

the first bout was awesome!!! us fresh meats and skaters on teams  had to work it, but honestly, it wasn't as bad as i thought. i got to know a lot of the girls, which was great. i got to work ticketing.. we got to meet all of the fans. it was pretty awesome. we even got to see some of the bout as we were cleaning the stands. i can't wait to be on a team. i have to work hard. i still have a long way to go! after the bout, we all headed to lee harvey's for a few brewskis. we all earned them! everyone worked so hard to make the bout a success. after bidding farewell to all of the derby girls, i headed home... i stopped at taco cabana first though. damn, that chicken burrito was so damn good.. LOL 
megan and i 
selling tickets
photo by bob sanders

check out this view
current read
this wasn't too bad...

on sunday, we went out to dave's mom's for a visit. we took muttley too. i think he had fun! it was nice to hang with her and catch up. it was also jame's birthday, so we met them at el fenix later in the day. it was a yummy meal. it seemed like it has been forever since we had seen them all. after el fenix, we went to braums and then back to niena's where we looked at old photos. 


niena's backyard

we went against our better judgement and went to braums. =D

niena shared some awesome pics of dave when he was younger

i love this one.

tuesday night, we had speed skate practice... it was storming pretty badly, so a few people couldn't make it...  this was my first time to attend a speed skate practice. it was a WORKOUT. i'm glad i got to go and experience it though. we did lots of drills that helped us go faster. we worked on crossovers and did a bit of endurance training. all and all, i would say it was a great practice. and i only fell once trying to do my crossovers. oh yeah!

on the way to the rink.. sheesh... 

all of our wheels got super dirty... i will need to clean them before tonight's practice. 
dinner after practice... veggie burger, green beans, and garlic mashed potatoes. washed down by a cold modelo..

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