Friday, April 1, 2011

a little quiz

1. What's your name? Sara Beth. I used to hate my middle name. I didn’t think it went well with me, but I have grown to like it because you don’t hear it that often… although, I have met a few other Sara Beths…

2. What's one item you cannot leave your house without? My iPhone 4. It’s almost attached to my hand at all times. 

3. What is one cosmetic that you find yourself buying over and over again? Maybelleline full n’ soft mascara

4. What is one cosmetic that you always wear in your look? I always wear eyeliner.. I feel naked without. I usually use the cheap stuff. I feel that you can make it look good if you know what you are doing…

5. How do you decide what you wear? clothes: it always depends on what I am doing. 

makeup: my makeup routine is pretty basic. I just wear powder or foundation, depending on my how my face is that day. I add a little blush or bronzer for subtle color. Then I put on a finishing powder to kind of set my face.  I try to wear natural looking earth-tone eye shadow since I am a brunette.[unless I am going out, then I have fun with colors] I line the bottom of my eyes with Maybelleline Expert Wear mechanical eye pencil in black and then the top lid I use a cheap liquid liner. [I think right now it’s NYC] and then of course, I finish it off with full n’ soft mascara. Then I usually just put some Burt’s Bees on my lips. I use cheap makeup. I don’t see the point in spending an arm and a leg on something I am going to wash off in a few hours :P I use store brand makeup removing cloths. They work great and don’t leave my face feeling oily. Sometimes I get Neutrogena if it’s on sale. 


6. What's one song you find yourself playing over and over again right now? No Rain-Blind Melon. No. Clue. Why.

7. What's one cosmetic item you've had your eye on but haven't bought? 
Sally Henson Nail Effects

8. If you could only own one pair of shoes, what pair would it be? Vans Low Pros. I love them. They go with everything.  

9. Where do you buy most of your cosmetics? I guess CVS, since I have the Rewards card thing, sometimes I get free makeup or a few dollars off. 

10. How do you find out about new products? Blogs I follow.  

11. How do you decide what cosmetics you buy? It pretty much always depends on how much I have to spend.

12. How did you get into make up? I got older and wanted to keep looking good. 

13. What websites do you go to first when you open your browser? Facebook probably… and Bloglovin’…

14. Tell me a fun fact about yourself. I used to be in the rodeo and I square danced on horseback. I was a
member of The Mesquite Mounted Square Dancers. YEEEEHAW!

[these photos are crappy quality. ah. the days before i had a digital camera]

No one will read this, but that’s cool, I did it for myself. :D

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