Tuesday, March 8, 2011

iPhone photo dump... lately...[iphonography]


taco salad lunch at work 

i love our text message convos
yummy steak, sorry vegetarian friends....
taqueria tacos are the best


our cute boy...
my first smashburger experience. i die.

oh yeah.. this was the day i was going to take a photo every hour. boof.

why do i think these things are cute? what's wrong with me!?


dress: forever 21|cardigan:target|tights:target|flats:ross
little buddy
momma's little BAMF
he loves mama

finally got an iPhone 4. me and sam love facetime... :)

omg. i love my new phone. huzzah!

this game is awesome... and hard... ;/

we camped in the yard friday night. i couldn't sleep and went inside... oops :(

in my babe's bug

i love my new phone.

sometimes i wear dave's shoes outside

i helped dave 

its for school....
he's very talented...

i love how this looks like an owl.. 




lazer tag... 


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