Thursday, March 17, 2011

Fire in the Sky-1993

okay, so the guy and i have netflix. we are always watching something. a long time ago, i watched fire in the sky. i did this in high school with a group of friends. of course the movie freaked me out, but i guess i had forgotten that. well, this time, i watched it ALONE. it was so much scarier than before. let me get one thing out in the open... i am terrified of aliens. there, i said it. i believe in them and i think they have been here before. the freak me out. makes you wonder why i want to watch a movie about someone who has been abducted huh? because i am crazy. also, this movie is based on true events. yes, this really happened. i truly believe that. call me crazy, but why would that guy make it up? i don't want to ruin too much of the movie, as i tend to do if i get to talking about one, so i will just leave you with this. if you have any interest at all in alien beings, you should watch this movie. it will freak you out. so, what are you waiting for?? watch this movie...

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