Monday, March 14, 2011

crazy weekend [image heavy]

so friday after work, i rushed home. dave had a bouquet of tulips for me. they were so pretty. he said he got them because he is going to miss me so much while he is on his trip.  i took my us history test really quick. i didn't study at all and made an 80! thank goodness! as soon as i finished, we headed out to denton for dave's 2 shows. the drive wasn't too bad and we arrived in denton around 8. dave got his wristband and we ducked into jj's pizza to get some food. after we scarfed some pizza, we checked into where dave was going to be playing. it was byob and the staff was super nice. needless to say, i drank a bit more than i should have, so i stopped. haha. we saw some cool bands, including the panda resistance. i really enjoyed their music. man factory rocked the house. i recorded most of their set. we ended up being in denton really late. dave took me to ihop because we were starving! we headed home after and it was around 4:30 in the morning.. i didn't think that i was going to be able to make the st. patty's day parade the next day... i woke up at 10:30 and called sam and she told me it was still going on, so i headed to dallas. i parked at my job and then caught the train to mockingbird station. i then walked down to greenville and all the way down to lover's.. it took forever, but i finally got a lock down on my buds. i had to run across the parade route to get to them. i was afraid i was going to get busted. after we found each other, we walked back down to university where the toadies were supposed to be playing. we thought they went on a noon, but they didn't go on until 4:30, so we were stuck in the lot where they were playing until then. we got some free stuff from the jager girls, ate some expensive ass hooters wings/fries and just lollied around. we found the only shade tree and sat down. it just so happened that it was near all of the porta potties. we saw a couple go into one of them together... they started to have sex in the nasty porta potty! we were getting these dudes to go up and bang on the sides and stuff. i started recording it so i could get them coming out... video below...
finally, it was time for the toadies to go on. we were around a great group of people until these guys got between them and us. they were jerks, so we ended up getting out of the crowd. they were threatening to pour beer on us and stuff. eff that! ugh, the night ended with me getting a speeding ticket on the way home. it didn't help that i was decked out in jager beads and a hat. he asked me if i had been drinking jager and i proudly told him no, that i hadn't had a drink since noon. (i left the parade around 6) not much else happened that was eventful to write about. sunday, dave and i got up early and tried to go thrifting.. all of the stores we liked were closed, so we ended up going to lunch at fuzzys... then he had to go to work. so i cleaned and napped for the rest of the day. dave came home from work and we spent our last night together for the next five days. he left at 5:30 this morning to go to st. louis. he's going to have a blast, but i will miss him. this is the longest time we have been apart since we have been together. it will be so great when he returns!!

my lovely tulips from dave after they opened up

getting pizza at jj's

The Manichean

my strange sunburn
ashley got one too

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