Tuesday, March 22, 2011

anniversary date

when dave got home from school, he had something behind his back... a beautiful bouquet of  fresh tulips, my favorite!!! dave got ready for our date. he even shaved! haha! [not that he needed to...] we decided to go to sukhothai, one of our favorites. it's a great little thai restaurant with only about 10 tables and one waitress. the wait is never that long though. we got a delicious appetizer, won ton shrimp. dave got pad thai chicken, which is what i meant to order, and i got cashew chicken. both were extra scrumptious. i washed everything down with an iced tea, while dave tried their spicey chai tea. after we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed to our favorite neighborhood bar, caves. i got a tall coors and dave got a tall lonestar. we had a few brews out on the patio, which we had all to ourselves. it was so pretty outside. i really like the patio there. it was nice just to sit outside and sip on some beer and just talk. when we got home, even though it was early, i managed to fall asleep on the couch! so lame! no biggie, dave was sharpening his tools for class. it was nice to have a low key celebration for our three year anniversary. i see many more years in our future. here are some of the photos i snapped with my iphone. sadly, i didn't think to take any photos at sukhothai. bummer...
my gorgeous tulips. just waiting on them to open up.. 
drink it down!
the patio
tall coors
my goofy guy
my beer and i
charlie sheen will get you a great deal at caves!

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