Tuesday, March 22, 2011

anniversary date

when dave got home from school, he had something behind his back... a beautiful bouquet of  fresh tulips, my favorite!!! dave got ready for our date. he even shaved! haha! [not that he needed to...] we decided to go to sukhothai, one of our favorites. it's a great little thai restaurant with only about 10 tables and one waitress. the wait is never that long though. we got a delicious appetizer, won ton shrimp. dave got pad thai chicken, which is what i meant to order, and i got cashew chicken. both were extra scrumptious. i washed everything down with an iced tea, while dave tried their spicey chai tea. after we stuffed ourselves silly, we headed to our favorite neighborhood bar, caves. i got a tall coors and dave got a tall lonestar. we had a few brews out on the patio, which we had all to ourselves. it was so pretty outside. i really like the patio there. it was nice just to sit outside and sip on some beer and just talk. when we got home, even though it was early, i managed to fall asleep on the couch! so lame! no biggie, dave was sharpening his tools for class. it was nice to have a low key celebration for our three year anniversary. i see many more years in our future. here are some of the photos i snapped with my iphone. sadly, i didn't think to take any photos at sukhothai. bummer...
my gorgeous tulips. just waiting on them to open up.. 
drink it down!
the patio
tall coors
my goofy guy
my beer and i
charlie sheen will get you a great deal at caves!


this screen print
this cute iphone 4 case
this awesome doormat from modcloth! 
this cute, vintage inspired swimsuit 
being organized||| i love planners
this nail color||jaded-- i am wearing it right now!
lovin' this song. always. 
this 'charming' dress from modcloth!

this awesome screen printed shirt 

twitter is over capacity.... LOLZ

Monday, March 21, 2011

happy anniversary to my guy [image heavy]

dave and i have been together for 3 years today. in some ways it feels so much longer and others, it feels like we just started yesterday. every day i fall deeper in love with him. it's a great feeling knowing you're in love with your best friend. sorry for the mushiness. i thought it would be cute to tell 'our story'....

It’s pretty cute actually. In high school, Dave and I were both in yearbook. We were photographers. I was the photo editor. Anyways, I had a huge crush on him. HUGE. He had just gotten out of a relationship, but I can’t remember if I knew that or not. Anyways, I asked him to take me to homecoming… kind of on a dare by my friend Candice. He said yes. We exchanged digits. I was pretty stoked to say the least. I already had my mum made because my friend Candice’s mom was awesome at making them and I also didn’t expect Dave to get me one… He came to school on Friday (homecoming day) with a brown paper bag. He handed it to me. I asked him if it was lunch. Haha. he said “open it” it was a mum. How sweet was that??? So I had two mums and looked completely ridiculous.  I remember going home being super excited. Anyways, later that night, he picked me up in his mom’s car. He drove a different bug back then and I was hoping we would roll to homecoming in that.. oh well. he told me I looked pretty and that whole mess. I was on cloud 9. On the way to the dance, he told me that before he got to my house, he accidentally went up to some other person’s front door and asked for me. It was the wrong house! Oops. We went to the dance and had as much fun as we could at a school dance. It was pretty lame, but I didn’t care, because I was with dave. Haha. then we went to ihop. I guess its tradition. It was good and dave and I kissed. I think there’s a photo. Its actually a very awkward looking kiss because it was a forced one. After that, we went to Westlake park and walked around. I had a curfew back then, so dave took me home. We hugged on my porch and then we had a sweet peck of a kiss. After homecoming, we went on a couple of casual dates, but dave wasn’t ready for a girlfriend, so we just stayed friends. After he graduated, I ended up dating other guys and stuff. In march of ’08, we started talking again. We had both gotten out of relationships. We started talking again on myspace. I gave him my number and he gave me his and we started texting. We made plans to hang out, but I didn’t think anything was going to come of it. I was wrong. He liked me! On our first date, dave took me to  cafĂ© brazil for dinner and then to the angelika to see paranoid park. After the movie, we grabbed a couple of drinks and sat outside on the patio and talked. It was really nice. Then, we went back to my apartment and played silly games with Ashley and Robert. I was really excited for my friends to meet him. We have been together ever since. We moved in together a few months later. It wasn’t crazy since we have known each other all of these years… no one could ever make me as happy as he makes me. We really know each other and things are great. Thanks for these past 3 years babe! I can’t wait for many more!

and now, a photo journey... [these are in no particular order]
Dave and Sara Homecoming 03
homecoming, high school, 2002
Homecoming 03
our first date. 2002- high school homecoming
dave skating
right after we started dating again:he took me skateboarding
when we met up again after high school, right before we started dating again
dave and sara
our barn date...
dave the pimp farmer
dave the horse whisperer

dave the cowboy

Photo 250
photobooth silliness
I'll bite your nose off...
outside my apartment
dave splashes
one of our many swim dates at his apartment pool

divers...take your mark
43 of 365---so this is love
on my balcony
dave and sara kiss
goofy davey
veteran's park
dave and sara lake arlington
lake arlington
sara & dave poolside
at my apartment pool
Dave & I
at dave's mom's
day 50 of 365--you need a corn dog i can tell
first carnival date
Good Guys Auto Show
good guys car show
our backyard 

Me and Dave at Caves
caves, our once favorite bar..
funny photoshoot
Sara & Dave
river legacy park 
chillin' at starblocks...lol dave and i
starbucks date!
day 33 of 365-- you can kiss me with the windows open while the rain comes pouring inside oh!
barn party!
sunglass switcharoo

127 of 365--playing possum?
our living room.. another silly shoot
us again
dave's mom's whitewright, texas
dave's apartment

some fish farm place
) Thanks to Dave for givin a little smirk and for
meg and dusan's wedding bash
my 25th birthday, surprise party
2010 dallas tweed ride
halloween 2010
first valentines day
magic time machine
chattin' back to back
mf show
Photo 273
more photobooth silliness
54 of 365 days--we got waaasted...
st. patty's day '09
91 out of 365--Tera Melos at Rubber Gloves in Denton

145 of 365-- meet me at the door any day!
our silly shoot. our house, 2009
224 of 365--on the way to work it
otw to tms
315 of 365--at gma kings!
in oklahoma at dave's grandma's
321 of 365--man factory gig
man factory, house show
323 of 365--mavs game!
mavs game!
345 of 365--ice skating for my first time.
ice skating 2010
Dave and I above Beale St.
memphis '08
dave's cousin's house on the lake 
dave and i snuggling up at the softball game
austin '09
david and sara
dave and i
chris and liz's wedding  '09
galveston '09
me and dave on the elissa

nam nam nam

my 23rd and dave's 24th birthdays the bavarian grill 
dave, me and the gargoyle
our first halloween. screams 2008