Friday, February 4, 2011

Super Blow...

Today is another snow day for us Texans. I hope it snows all weekend since the Super Bowl is Sunday. I am so sick of hearing about the Super Bowl and how much money people have wasted to be a part of it. Some people are paying $200+ TO STAND OUTSIDE AND WATCH A BIG TV FOR 3+ HOURS. What the heck? It’s called the ‘Party Plaza’. WFAA says that tickets for the 'Party Plaza' are actually now going for $340+ and some being offered at $700…  Really?  They have nothing better to spend that much on? They can’t watch the stupid game from their T.V.? I just can’t wrap my head around it.
Do you wanna buy a ticket??

Dallas/Ft. Worth's projected profits from the Super Bowl. [This does not include Irving]
I can’t wait to move away from Arlington. I hate the stadium and everything it stands for. I hate that Arlington would allow this to happen.  I have driven by the stadium many times when there is an event being held there and the prices to park across the street, down the street, and even a mile down the street are sometimes $60+. Ridiculous.  They want to tear down more houses and business to expand the parking lot. As if Jerry isn’t making enough money already… 

It’s Jerry’s world and we just live in it…. 
Goblin Man, Jerry Jones

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