Friday, February 4, 2011

Snow Time in Texas

 Today was a blast! It practically snowed all night and we got about 6 inches. That is pretty uncommon for us Texans. I wasn't driving all the way to work....I called in and told them that I could definitely work from home. After I did as much work from home as I could, Dave and I got up and got dressed and decided we needed coffee. Starbucks is just a few blocks from our house, so I thought it wouldn't be a big deal, and it wasn't. After we grabbed coffee, we realized how hungry we were, so we drove up to Al's Hamburgers. SO GOOD. On the way there, though, we almost got killed because some dumbass decided to pull out in FRONT OF US on a HILL. Really??? So, we almost didn't make it up the hill... but we did and we took another route home and I don't plan on getting out in this stuff again! When we got home, we went to the backyard to see if Muttley is using his new dog house that Dave built him. He wasn't in there, but we went out to the backyard anyways. I started on my snowman. Dave decided that he didn't want to help because it was "lame" so I just did it myself while he built a fire in the fire pit. The snow was a bit weird so I ended up making a snow penis, so sue me... It was all I could see it ever becoming, so I just went with it. Afterward, Dave built a small snow ramp and he pulled me and Muttley through the yard. I video taped it. It was a lot of fun. Thanks for the snow day, Texas. It really made all that ice worth it. Every time it snows, I feel like the snow that is in our yard, is just ours. No one elses... Just ours to do what we want with it. And we did.
Before the snow...

During the snow!!

Muttley is unsure of this snow...

I love this weather. Only right now though....

You better RUN!

Snow penis!!

My gif of the snow

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