Tuesday, December 28, 2010

A Year in Review: January, February and March

It really seems as though this past year has just flown by. I feel like it was a great though and I look forward to making 2011 even better. I thought it might be nice to document the past year in a few different blog posts.

Dave and I celebrated our second New Years together. We actually partied out in the country with our friends at the lake house. We got there super late, so, we ended up staying up really late.

I also go to go ice skating for the very first time. I thought I would be falling all over the place.. I was actually good at it and didn't fall one time!
345 of 365--ice skating for my first time.

I finished my 365 day portrait project.. I took a self portrait every day for a year. Here are the highlights...

30 of 365--drowning in your love
I did a lot of floating photos. They are just so fun...

35 0f 365--tickle tickle!
Two Sara's?? Oh NO!
96 out of 365--under the covers
Creepy burrito girl.

88 out of 365--my ink...
My tattoos. [I need/want more]

194 of 365--Jumping for joy...
Jumping for joy in the back yard.

263 of 365--grease burn
After I burned my hand with hot chicken grease. That is what a second degree burn looks like.

277 of 365--Autumn Vanity
I called this my autumn self portrait...

306 of 365--leaving the in-law's house
Driving in the rental...

315 of 365--at gma kings!
This was Dave and I at his grandmother's house in Oklahoma.

365 of 365--DONE!
This was my last portrait. I was actually happy to be finished. I was running out of ideas... there are only so many creative photos you can take of yourself...

We watched the last episode of the Conan on The Tonight Show. It was so great. It made me wish I had be more diligent in watching him while he was on there.

I also tried out lots of new recipes. Like this one, which I blogged about much later....


In February, we lost our best friend. Our dog Ruby died. We still don't know what happened to her, she got sick and an hour later, she died in our arms. Dave and I drover her to his mother's house and buried her in the pasture. It was very hard to say goodbye to her. She was the best dog ever...






Ruby's Grave

Ruby, we will never forget you. Love you so much!

Texas got the most snow I have ever seen. An amazing 12.5" was measured, 11.2" of which fell on the 11th.
Of course, I took tons of photos and we built a REAL snowman. It was such a big deal for us Texans.  I wish it snowed like that at least once a year. 


snowy division street

48 floors up
Downtown Dallas after the snow began to melt a bit. From 48 floors up...

I also got glasses. I went to the eye doctor because I was having issues seeing things that were far away.. I thought I would start out with glasses and keep those for a year and then graduate to contacts. I should be going back soon for those.

My friends and I also went out to Billy Bob's Texas to see Miranda Lambert. That was actually the second time we went together to see her live. Here are a few shots from that night. Coincidentally, that is the same day that I got glasses and the snow was melting. February was  a big month!

girlzmy girlzgoin' out
i love them!
at billy bobs

Funnily, we all wore blue plaid.. hahaha. The girls stayed the night and the next day, we went thrifting. I also took them to my favorite place to eat here in Arlington, Gyros House. They loved it!

at gyros house


Dave and I also celebrated our second Valentines Day together... It was amazing. He took me to our favorite place, The Blue Danube.It's the best German food around. Later that night, we had a few drinks at our favorite bar, Caves.


In March, I started my new job.
iphone 394
My new desk!

I also finally got an iPhone. I had been wanting one for soooo long. I am such a gadget girl....

Dave built me an awesome desk/craft table...


We tried on bridesmaid's dresses for Ashley's wedding...
iphone 390iphone 716

We spent loads of time at our local coffee shop drinking coffee, talking and playing checkers.

Dave and I traveled to Austin for South by Southwest. His band, Man Factory performed a couple of shows down there, we stayed at our friend's house and we also checked out Flat Stock. After all of that, we rode our bikes out to Domy books and participated in 20 zines in two days. This was put on by Winners! Press.



iphone 286

iphone 636


After we got back from Austin, we celebrated our 2nd anniversary. Nothing fancy, just made tacos and watched a movie. It was great.




Also, Morgan turned 2! I told Samantha I would take photos. We got Morgan a My Pretty Pony. I think she loved it!
Morgan's 2nd Birthday PartyMorgan's 2nd Birthday PartyMorgan's 2nd Birthday
After Morgan's party, Samantha got her Daith pierced. She is such a trooper!
Sam Daith Piercing

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