Wednesday, December 29, 2010

A Year in Review: April, May and June

Continuing on with my review of the past year, let's move on...


We kicked off April with Easter at the Barn..This is a tradition in my family. All of the parents and older kids hide a bunch of eggs in the horse pasture and then we let the kids loose to go and find them. They always have such a blast! Here are a few shots from that...
Easter 2010

Easter 2010

Sam and I got to go to the MUSink Festival that was held at Fair Park. It was a combo of music and tattoos. We mostly wanted to go to see The Used. We both just loved them in high school and we honestly still do. We met Corey Miller and we also met Bert McCracken from The Used! He was so totally cool. I got my nose pierced and Sam got a derm in her neck under her ear. We really had a blast...
on the Dart Rail
On the DART heading to Fair Park

Corey Miller from LA Ink
Me and Corey Miller

frozen coke and crown
Sam loved the frozen Crown and coke

Me getting my nose pierced.

Right after I got my nose pierced...

we are cool
We tried on corsets...

haha, matt got tied up
So did Matt... LOL

we met Bert McCracken from the Used!!
We met Bert!!!

Sam got her daith pierced!

sam's daith and new derm
The finished product...

we called this guy, Jungle Book
We saw some awesome people...

Our bridesmaids dresses came in...

To finish up April, we went to Ashley's first bridal shower. It was at her aunt's house. We had so much fun and she got a lot of nice things!
iphone 009

iphone 003

iphone 076


I got my hair cut, SHORT...

Ashley graduated from college!! Texas A&M Commerce to be exact!




The next day, was Ashley and Robert's couple shower....




And then, we celebrated Ashley's last night as a single lady at her bachelorette party. We got a hotel room and we just had a blast.


There was a lot going on with Ashley and Robert's wedding just being around the corner. The Thursday before the wedding, we went to the rehearsal dinner. I didn't snap any photos from this... That Sunday, they got married. It was such a beautiful ceremony. There was even a few moments with comic release. The reception was equally enjoyable. Overall, it was just a really great time. 



Dave's band also got the opportunity to film a video for their song "Balrog 24/7". It was pretty fun watching the Luu Brothers work and here is the finished product!

I guess not much else happened in June... Stay tuned for July, August and September!

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