Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Lunar Eclipse/Winter Solstice

Did you watch the lunar eclipse? I took a nap after work and stayed up till after 2 watching the moon become eclipsed and turn a shade of red. Looking through Dave's binoculars was a bit creepy. We laid down a blanket in the driveway and sipped our Blue Moons as we watched the Moon get covered by the Earth's shadow. From what I have read, normally, the moon is illuminated by the Sun. In this rare occurrence, the Earth blocked the Sun's light from reaching the Moon.

"The total eclipse of the moon, which delighted skywatchers in the pre-dawn hours, will be followed later in the day by the arrival of the winter solstice."
A total lunar eclipse occurs when the Earth blocks the sun's rays from the face of the moon. The moon is then fully in the shadow cast in space by the Earth.The last time the solstice coincided with a total lunar eclipse on the same calendar day was long before any of our lifetimes, experts say. The year, according to Geoff Chester, public affairs officer at the U.S. Naval Observatory, was 1638 (Starhawk, a prominent Wiccan, told The Washington Post in an essay that the two events have not coincided since 1544).
I tried to take a few pictures of this historical event and surprisingly, I was able to capture a few. Dave also suggested that I try to take some super 8 footage, so I grabbed the super 8 camera and filmed maybe 10 seconds of it. It will be neat if I was able to get it on there... We didn't go to bed until after 2, but it was so worth waking up tired to see the moon turn red...


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