Monday, December 20, 2010

Christmas Card Photos

Dave and I try to take a 'traditional' Christmas photo every year. It's a bit corny, I know, but we have to have some sort of traditions set... This year, I really wanted it to be different... Unfortunately, I couldn't get Dave to sit down or go somewhere to take said photo... Finally, last night he came home ready to go. He set up the camera and his flash and we took our photos. It's so stuffy and formal, but at least we took one. I decided to make another one for fun as well... I only posted them to Facebook and I emailed a few to close family and friends. It will definitely be something I add to our scrapbook. Here are all of the one's we have taken over the past couple of years and of course, the current one for this year...
comfy pj's.
our christmas card this year
2009 [low quality is all I could find]
This years...[the formal one]
haha, the joke one this year...
And this one was just for fun!

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