Monday, November 8, 2010

My 25th Birthday Party--SURPRISE!!! [FRIDAY November 5]

OK. So, My 25th birthday was by far the BEST ever! The day started with me sleeping in to my heart's content... Which was only till 10 am, but still! I lounged around a bit... watched Grey's Anatomy since I had missed it the night before.. Then, Dave told me he was taking me to lunch and I could pick anywhere. I chose Gyros House. YUM!!! I always get the same thing there... So I got a chicken kebab plate. It was delicious.

Dave had to go to work, so I just hung out for a bit at home. I had to finish up an English paper, so I did that. I also got my little brother's present together, which I mostly made.
just now
Haha. I made the gift bag above too. I re-used a Chipotle bag for my brother's present.
I headed out to meet up with my family. My little brother's favorite restaurant is Olive Garden, so that is where we ended up going. I got the portabello mushroom ravioli.. It was great! I could just eat their salad though and be happy. My mom, dad and grandma got me a new point and shoot camera. I really needed it! I was so excited. My mom also made me a birthday cake. Chocolate Chocolate, my favorite. YAY!

After saying goodbye to my family, I had plans to go see my friend, Samantha. Well, I had talked to my BF, Dave and he was wondering when I was going to come home. (we live about 40 mins away) I told him that I wasn't quite sure.. I got to Sam's and rang the doorbell. She yelled at me to come in, as usual... When I walked into the house, it was dark... Then, all of my friends jumped out and screamed SURPRISE!!!! They were all there! I was very surprised! HAHAHA. I texted Dave and told him about it. He Said "You have good friends..."I was thinking to myself, is he mad?? Well. Long story short. He had helped plan it and he was on his way, I just didn't know it. He showed up later and surprised the hell out of me!!! It was so great having all of the people that I love there and celebrating with me. They all got me cool presents and just made me feel really special. We even used our iPhone Rave Party apps to have a 'rave party' hahahaha. We turned out all of the lights and jammed to sandstorm. Samantha used her iPad. There are tons of photos and two videos below...




What a blast. This was truly the best birthday that I have ever had. I love my family and friends. They are amazing.

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