Saturday, October 2, 2010

Daily Photo-Friday

Last night was awesome. After class, I headed over to Deep Ellum to see my boyfriend's band, Man Factory play a show. The headliner was our friend, John's band, Tera Melos. They were so awesome. I love their music. They are on tour now. Click on their name to see when they are coming to a town near you!Lots of PBR's were consumed, a girl got sick, someone bought me a free shot, I got an awesome Tera Melos shirt and Dave got their record. I had long convos with Kelsy, Lane and Maria about life. What amazing friends I have! After the amazing shows, Dave and I grabbed some Cafe Brazil and we shared some chicken nachos. They are to die for. When we were full, we headed over to Tyler and Ida's new pad. I love it. It's very charming. We even went under their house. We stayed til like 4am. I can't even believe I stayed up that long considering I started my Friday at 7am. Yikes. I should probably nap like now.

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