Friday, October 29, 2010

Friday Favorites

iphone 068
iphone 399
Hahaha, I found this at an antique store. Wonder why they arranged the letters like that.
iphone 007
iphone 061

Happy hour!
iphone 080
The sexyyyyy James Bond

Lately...V. 2

Here is more from the past couple of weeks...
I love my iPhone calendar.. LOVE IT!


I kept up with one of the Ranger's play-off games while in class. :0)


I am obsessed with my "This American Life" iPhone app. This is a great story. You can listen free here.
Another Instagram classic. LOVE that app.
I freakin' LOVE this song!! It's beautiful....
iphone 100
OK... I just found this on my Flickr... It's probably one of my favorite text message convos EVER!

There will probably be more to come....So BRACE YOURSELVES!

Lately... [Photo Dump]

WOW. I have totally been neglecting this blog... Well, no more. It's about to be a new month, and I'm on a roll. I have been having so much fun lately! I think the best way to show it is in a photo/video dump. Holla!

1. I told Gabe we needed the iPhone credit card reader for merch at shows...
2. Our white board in the kitchen is showing Ranger's spirit!
3. Watching the Rangers in the playoffs while waiting for my buds!
4. Only in Texas...
5.Can you believe how badly I cut my leg on the coffee table??

Dave decides that we are going to have pineapple banana smoothies. YUM!

1.I am in the process of crocheting Dave a scarf. Ha
2.Yum, one of my favorite snacks.... pickles and popcorn.
3.Me, looking horrid...
4.Just one of the perks of my job... boxes that topple over...
5. YUMMY lunch at Thrive

1. Haha, confiscated drug vehicle in front of me.
2. My daily cup of Java
3. Part of my messy desk at work. Good thing I cleaned it!

We went to Screams! Sam paid for me and that was my early birthday present from her! I love that place!!
1.Sam, Rob and Ash waiting in line for one of the haunted houses
2. The Haunted Castle
3. An old ass creepy pirate
4. The castle again
5. Arcane Asylum

More Screams photos...

1.Ash, me and Rob by the big Celtic cross...
2.Ash, me, and Sam on the big giant swing
3.Arcane Asylum
4.The swing again
5.The cross again

After Screams, I stayed the night with Sam's because she was going with me to my cousin's wedding the next day. I didn't go to bed until after 3am and that is where I slept.

I agreed to photograph my cousin's wedding. It was such a charming wedding...
1.Sam and I right after we got ready and about to leave for the wedding.
2.Me and my cousin
3.Me and my cousin dancing
4 & 5. Sam and I showing those country folks how to Casper Slide

Brent and Kristen1
My cousin, Michael's daughter, Teresa.

Brent and Kristen2
1.My cousin's Michael and Brent
2.The Mitchell's
3.The Mitchell's
Brent and Kristen
Brent and Kristen!

Brent and Kristen4
My other cousin's daughter, Chloe

1.Okay, so I was bored and photographed "what's in my bag?" I'll probably do it again and actually
list what is in there....
2. Part of my new desk!

This is the most current set of photos... Dave and I went to the print shop last night and printed posters for their next show. We also printed a couple of shirts. It was a lot of fun!

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Daily Photo... Catching up...

Here are the photos for Friday, Saturday, Sunday, Monday and Tuesday, and a few more for good measure. I need to stay on top of this...

Just hanging out, I probably should have been doing homework....

Halloween Decor is out at our house... 

Coffee Time

I love breakfast for dinner...

I am trying to get Dave to let me keep this cute little stray cat that I keep calling Salem...


The kitty again...

It was 10.10.10. Did you make a wish...?

I have been obsessed with This American Life. Download the app!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

Daily Photo-Thursday

There is a new iPhone app. that I absolutely love. It's called Instagram, and it's FREE! Download it, I know you will be very satisfied!It's a great photography app. because you can take your photos in the actual app. or use your regular camera and use the app.'s filters to alter your photos. Here are some of the photos I took with it and used to edit.

Tera Melos at The Nightmare, on Elm Street. 

Man Factory at Nightmare, on Elm Street

Me, at work. 

The fried pickles I made to snack on before Grey's Anatomy came on...

Lazer. Rockin'.

Me, being silly in the car. 


Thursday, October 7, 2010

Daily Photo-Wednesday

I worked on binders for a trial. It's tedious work, but it makes the day go by faster... and still..

Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Daily Photo-Tuesday

Last night, I was really craving one of those beef fillets they were selling at Aldi. I had made some the night before and they were the bomb diggity... Well... Of course, Aldi didn't have anymore. I wasn't surprised, just upset. I didn't want the trip to be a waste, so I picked up a peppercorn pork tenderloin. I added chopped onions and mushrooms with a bit of margarine. I baked that baby for about 35 minutes uncovered. WhoooEeeee! It was delish. I added steamed Italian veggies and angel hair pasta. I was glad I have leftovers for lunch!!! I probably should have documented the process a bit better... There's always next time!
My Delicious meal. My mouth is watering just thinking about it!

After I ate like a pig, I watched GLEE! Yahoo! It was a pretty good episode. I guess... I watched one episode of Big Love on my TV this time since my HDMI cord finally came in. Oh, how I love watching things with surround sound and on a bigger screen than my laptop. Best $1.98 I ever spent. Yep, that's right. I got my HDMI cord from Monoprice for a mere $1.98! How awesome is that? Especially since Best Buy wanted $29.99 for the SAME THING. Thanks to my friend, Austin for the tip! Oh, and I had to re-edit my paper... I did, and sent it to my instructor. I am waiting for her to re-send with her edits. Then, I will have to edit again, print it and be done with it. Thank goodness.... Unfortunately, this will all happen again for our next paper! 

Monday, October 4, 2010

Daily Photo-Monday

This can almost sum up my day! First photo, me, breaking in my new chords. I love them! Second photo, my new kicks, so comfy... and Lastly, the third picture, is what I made for dinner tonight. Beef fillet wrapped with bacon and steamed Italian veggies. Yum.