Thursday, September 9, 2010

Daily Photo, Thursday

I love the hipstimatic app on my phone. It takes the coolest photos...Today, I got home from work and I was pretty exhausted. Today was a busy day! I love those days at work though because the time just flies by. I just need to learn how to get to bed before 2am. Well, tomorrow night marks my first visit to my English class. I am pretty excited and I hope I am good in English here like I was in high school. I think I will try to write in here more often so that I can exercise my mind a bit more... Anyways...back to the photo... When I got home, I cooked some yummy chorizo, and drank some chocolate milk. I started an episode of Big Love (I am watching the first season) and then I fell asleep. I took a good one hour cat nap and then I woke up and wanted ice cream. YUM.

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