Thursday, August 5, 2010

Wisdom Teeth

I am terrified of the dentist... but alas, it was time to have my wisdom teeth removed. They have been giving me trouble for a while now, and I just finally got the courage to take care of it... Along with the fact that my mouth was super sore and killing me on Monday morning when I woke up... I have taken a few photos of the experience of not being able to eat. Its killing me because everything looks super tasty because I can't have it...

I was awake for the procedure. They had me take a sedative and then they gave me laughing gas. I remember the entire thing. Even when he started drilling. I asked for my teeth back and they obliged. I am glad I got it over with and I cant wait to get these stitches OUT!

Loved seeing this!


Fat cheeks... :0(


All I have been eating...

And I have been drinking lots of yummy homemade smoothies!

I can't wait until I can eat one of these! I really want one bad!!!
Denny's Chicken Sandwich


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