Friday, August 6, 2010

Daily Photo-Thursday

I couldn't help myself. I took two photos today. I usually do not say this, but I am ready for Fall. Can it just be Fall all Winter? Because I hate Winter. Period.Anyways.. On to the photos. Glad its almost the weekend. I need the rest. Ha.

Can you believe that my T-Stat says 111 degrees?! I can't I was thinking holy hell... Well that's how hot it is in Texas, so you Yankees need to shut the hell up. It’s not that hot up there. Stop being babies. :0) Just kidding... I know we all act stupid when it snows down here, so you're entitled to bitch a bit.

This is the nasty mouthwash I have to use twice a day... bleh. I cannot wait to get these stitches out and get my life back to normal. I know I am being a baby, but oh well.

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